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Saltaire Field Trip

Monday 5th November 2018

For our end of term field trip this half term, we took the kids to Saltaire, a model village and World Heritage Site. This is a village rich with industrial heritage and home to world class art displays and for one day only... A TLG Treasure Hunt.

Our mission was simple. First, in small teams, we were given a series of images that were taken from the local (award winning, no less) St Robert’s Park. Some of these pictures were zoomed in beyond recognition and some shot in such a way that they were totally out of context (see pictures for example).


We had an absolute blast trying to find where these images originated from, some of them were very infuriating, finding them somewhere frustrating – like the hair on a statue llama - after roaming and searching this park for what felt like hours. Sprinting around to find them before the other teams, some mild rage at not finding them, some strong disagreements on direction and only a few tears... and that was just the staff!

In our second challenge we were given two different maps of Saltaire: one with directions and one of Saltaire how it was during the height of its industrial era. We had a series of questions to find the answers to as we followed this map. We learnt all about Titus Salt, the man whom this village was named after, and the amazing man he was. We also learned that, if you happen to be in a situation where you only have a map, our head teacher will get you lost – sorry, ‘take a detour’ - and our kids will show you up with their map reading skills.

All in all, we had a fantastic time. We learned, laughed, completed our challenges and one kid even described it as a ‘fun activity’ which, believe me, is an absolute win.

Joe Emerson

TLG Bradford Education Centre